Extensive Article about Our Erasmus+ Experience


Siamo di nuovo insieme, the journal of RO.AS.IT, the association of Italian citizens living in Romania, published six pages about our project in its July-September edition. The Erasmus+ experience was told by Daniela Ducu, project coordinator, and translated into Italian by Clara Mitola. The extensive article was accompanied by a series of photos taken during the latest projects, illustrating the enriching activities and multicultural friendships that were built in this whole period.

We are reproducing here the Romanian original text and its Italian translation, hoping that other colleagues will feel inspired to join the Erasmus+ community by developing their own projects. In all these years of interacting with our colleagues from abroad, we have learned an important lesson that the only barriers and challenges we must overcome are mental and not physical, social, economic or political. Europe is one big family and Erasmus+ funding programme helps us strengthen the families ties across the region, without discrimination and without biases.

Of course, there are days when you work late in the night to finalize the materials for the transnational meetings and the presentations you have to share with your colleagues, but the benefits are far greater. Our projects took us across the European continent, from Funchal, Medeira, Portugal, to Riga, Latvia, from Adana, Türkiye, and Chania, Greece, to Porto, Portugal, and Bristol, United Kingdom.

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