C4. Crete, Greece

(December 2021)

C4. ALL SEC - About Low Level of Security

1. Description of the LTT Mobility – Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils

The LTT session in Greece was structured in a 5 days program dedicated to the exchange of groups of students involved in the mobility. The program was focused on the cyberwarfare essentials student-oriented, since, nowadays, groups are able to collect and use massive amounts of data, and students have to be informed about the digital threats and not get influenced by a wrong behavior. They should know and be aware of the dangers they could be exposed at and that all data given in the online environment, and this data can be in the form of numbers, pictures, video, audio, or any type of data that can be digitized. Workshops for students had been organized during the mobility and included the following topics:

Day 1- Presentation of the cyberwarfare phenomenon. Examples and practical details. How did Alan Turing crack the Enigma Code?

Day 2- Workshop on the figure of the cybersecurity criminals. Practical and psychological features and implications. Drama and video making sessions.

Day 3- Programming workshops – Introduction to Cryptography. Hands-on Cryptography.

Day 4- Programming workshops – Cryptography in Scratch, Python and other programming languages. Creation in groups of simple programs for text codification.

Day 5- Meetings with experts in digital security to present best practices from their companies or universities.

To inform students about the cyberwarfare is important for their future jobs’ opportunities, because they do not know certain mechanisms used by companies from a digital point of view in order to operate in a safe mode. During the workshops, the students were informed about how to recognize these mechanisms and methods to protect the companies. When a threat is materialized, our learners must to know what to do, how to minimize the effects.

Knowing the threats, their effects and how to avoid and mitigate them is not enough. All their knowledge was reinforced in order for them to apply what they learned in the day-to-day life by exercises and contests. The presentation on Alan Turing’s work and inventions and also on his outstanding role during the second world war made the students be in touch with history and values of work. When you have a role-model to be guided by, you can easily decide what to do with your future and be aware of the hard work you need to put into and obstacles one can encounter in order to follow one’s dream. The outcomes of the meeting were:1 data integrity analysis students oriented, 1 interactive presentation about cracking codes,3 Drama and videos, 3 Python or other relevant language programming for cryptography.

The training session has been integrated within the school’s normal activities by involving students from the school during the workshops and frontal discussions and presentations. In spite of the pandemics, we managed to organize the mobility therefore the activity was carried out physically in December 2021.


2. Benefits of the meeting

By including cyberwarfare concepts and possible threatening situations when not applying IT security rules since young ages, we created the opportunity for these students to become a new generation of employees informed about digital liabilities that can make their future employment companies much more safer and can diminish the number of security errors caused by a single man’s error. after attending specific workshops, the students will be able to recognize security attacks, threats, liabilities, will know how to minimize their effect or, even to prevent such security issues.

Another important benefit for the students participating in the mobility has been that of achieving certain security competences needed in the field of activity of digital security. By attending the programming workshops, they can now understand better how hackers work and also the gravity of using programs without proper license. Furthermore, the meetings with digital experts created for students the opportunity for future careers or future choices in this domain, both for male and female students. The meeting with the representatives of the Hellenic Mediterranean University of Chania gave the opportunity to the participating students of a future university and career choice. They also shared with us their Erasmus experience in the field of strategic partnership and exchange of students with other important European universities. The meeting with The Hellas Foundation for Research and Technology from Greece brought to our attention the pathway to follow if one wants a career in the STEAM field and also some real cases of teenagers that have been cyberbullied. All these meeting with experts from fields of interest for our participants added value to the mobility itself and to their knowledge and abilities.





  • Short Bio and Work of Alan Turing (PDF)
  • The British Bomb Machine (With his team, Alan Turing invented a machine called ‘the Bombe’, which tried out lots of different solutions for breaking a code before finding the correct one)
  • Enigma 1 (During the Second World War, Alan Turing worked as a code-breaker, cracking German codes created by the Enigma encrypting machines)