C6. Bucharest, Romania

(May 2022)

C6. Don't bite the bait

1. Description of the LTT Mobility – Short-term exchanges of groups of pupils

The LTT session in Romania was structured in a 5 days program dedicated to the exchange of groups of students involved in the mobility. The program was focused on phishing and methods of protection essentials student-oriented, since, nowadays, groups are able to collect and use massive amounts of data. Therefore, students were informed about the digital threats and also advised not to get influenced by a wrong behavior. They were now aware of the dangers they can be exposed at and that all data given in the online environment under the form of any type of data that can be digitized. The training session had included the following topics:

Day 1- Presentation of the phishing phenomenon. Examples and practical details. Simulating phishing attacks.

Day 2- Workshop on methods of protection (anti-viruses, firewall, data back-up). Practical details and implications.

Day 3- Programming workshops – Introduction to Cryptography. Hands-on Cryptography.

Day 4- Programming workshops – Cryptography in Scratch, Python and other programming languages. Creation in groups of simple programs for text codification.

Day 5- Meetings with experts in digital security and workshop on cyberbullying made with an expert psychologist.

By participating in the meetings, students were informed about phishing, an aspect of great importance not only for their future jobs opportunities, because they do not know certain mechanisms used by companies from a digital point of view in order to protect and back-up data information, but also for their day-to-day life. They are now fully aware and know how to recognize mechanisms and methods to protect the companies/ families. The outcomes at the end of the meeting were: 1 data phishing analysis students oriented, 1 interactive presentation about phishing methods of protection (anti-viruses, firewall, data backup), 3 Python or other relevant language programming for cryptography. The training session were integrated within the school’s normal activities by involving students from the school during the workshops and frontal discussions and presentations. In spite of the pandemics, we managed to organize the mobility therefore the activity was carried out physically in May 2022.


2. Benefits of the meeting

By including phishing concepts and possible threatening situations when not applying IT security rules since young ages, students participating in the mobility had the opportunity to have an infusion of concepts now days really important for the daily life and also to become a new generation of employees informed about digital liabilities that can make their future employment companies and their future life as adults much more safer. In addition, all this information that they assimilated can diminish the number of security errors caused by a single man’s error. By attending specific workshops dedicated to cyber-attacks, methods of digital protection and simulation of phishing methods, the students are now capable of recognizing security attacks, threats, liabilities. Moreover they can minimize their effect or, even prevent such security issues. Another important benefit for the students participating in the mobility was the acquisition of security competences needed in the field of activity of digital security. By attending the programming workshops organized, they know and understand how hackers work and what procedures have effect on prevention of the phishing phenomenon.