The project “Protect your digital way Today and Tomorrow” is a project designed under European collaboration and communication between 3 schools from Romania, Türkiye, and Greece, a partnership established even before of the actual design of the project due to previous and present experience with the partners. All participating organisations had necessary Erasmus+ experience in order to carry out the activities designed for reaching the project’s objectives of awareness among 300 students, 70 teachers and approx. 600 parents about cybersecurity, including cyberbullying, and ICT liabilities, higher level of information among male and female students about potential digital threats, since nowadays young students, and especially, young girls are a vulnerable targeted group of cybersecurity criminals and also a disadvantaged group because European statistics showed and still shows that the number of active women in technical field of work is inferior to that of men, therefore their level of information about cybernetic threats is lower, promotion of gender equality, by equipping female students with ICT and Cybersecurity concepts, and by this, integrating 60% female students (of the total number of students participating) and by interacting during workshops with more female leader representatives of the ICT field of work, creation of new future work opportunities for students for integration on the labour market, by attending 3 programming workshops, cyber-attacks workshops and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) workshop and nevertheless development of innovative cybersecurity curriculum framework that is reflective of the 21st century key competencies, with relevant teaching materials, assessment and evaluation tools. The activities have followed a designed methodology of implementation and they have been carried out by all members of the partnership in equal parts and tasks in order to achieve concrete results under the form of handbooks, ppt. presentations, animations and digital drawings, questionnaire analysis, digital and video teaching materials and evaluation tools, movies and scripts about cybersecurity threats and cyber-bullying potential situations, interactive digital multi-lingual cybersecurity, including cyber-bullying, dictionary, brochures, leaflets, magazine, simple programs for cryptography, the event Safer Internet Day in all participating schools, the website of the project and also a distinct page on every school’s webpage, also upload of different presentations about the schools’ activities in the field of cybersecurity and cyber-bullying, together with all relevant materials on the eTwinning platform. The profile of the participants and direct beneficiaries of the project’s activities was clearly contoured since the beginning and it refers to 3 types of participants: students aged 12 to 16 years old, teachers and parents, all of them highly connected to electronic devices but poorly aware of the implication of non-protecting your personal data online and offline and unaware of the cybersecurity international or national laws. The project has had a direct impact on 150 students (60% female), 70 teachers and approx. 600 parents from all 3 countries. The digital world in which we live in by the simple touch of our smartphone or by a simple click on the laptop generates many threats and we all have to know or how to prevent it or how to solve this type of cyber-attacks, phishing situations or theft of personal data. During the 6 short-term mobilities with students and teachers, the coordinators of the project “Protect your digital way Today and Tomorrow” have tackled with all cybersecurity major topics, concepts and liabilities.