Anzılha Altun

Our Erasmus+ experience was just an amazing and exciting learning journey where staff members got the opportunity to travel to Europe to undertake professional development opportunities athough we faced some difficulties due to covid 19 pandemic. A positive aspect of Erasmus+ is that our center (Adana/Çukurova Science and Art Center) could source and select the activities that would best meet the needs identified in its European Development Plan.
As a partner of this project we acquired a variety of benefits. Our teachers and our pupils improved their communication, language and inter-cultural skills and gain soft skills highly valued by future employers. Especially our pupils were more aware of the process they went through while on exchange and the impact this has on their acquired knowledge, skills and attitudes , their personal and professional development and enables them to put all this into words. the teachers who took part in the ‘mobility’ activities found the European visits to be a most inspiring and wonderful experience which have left lasting impressions on them. On a professional level, the teachers have received an excellent professional development opportunity in which their skill sets have been enhanced. Meeting with teachers from other European countries gave an added, interesting dimension to the training events and allowed for the sharing of new ideas and practices.
The students in our center are also seeing the benefits of the project. They are enjoying more diverse teaching styles and report that they really enjoy participating in the co-operative learning activities. We also now see cultural and linguistic diversity as a positive and we explicitly promote inclusion.

Anzılha Altun
Adana Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi (Türkiye)

Burhan Sel

Despite the pandemic conditions that socially distance people from each other, we took all the precautions and made our face-to-face visit to Romania. We shared our experiences on digital security for students, cyberbullying, online and offline digital security for everyone, innovative technologies. Further more, we had the chance to see the social and cultural climate of the Dante Alighieri high school we visited, its integration with Europe with the baccalaureate diploma system, and the Romanian and Italian education culture in the bilingual institution.

We examined different methodologies and new education methods in Dante Alighieri High School, whose establishment dates back to 1958, aiming to increase the European dimension of the quality of continuing vocational education and training. Dante Alighieri High School inspired and set an example for us to increase the capacity of our own institution, Adana Science and Art Center.

The educational and social programs prepared for each day of our visit were prepared very professionally. Also, The hospitable and friendly school staff, students and teachers made us feel at home.

Foreign relations between Romania and Turkey are extremely friendly and have long historical, geographical and cultural relations. Again, Turkey and Romania are each other’s biggest trading partners in the Balkans. We are very happy that we carried this beautiful dialogue between the two countries to the field of cultural exchange and digital security education and awareness, which is the biggest need of today’s youth, with the Erasmus+ project. We look forward to preparing new projects and making field visits with our project partner Romania.

Burhan Sel
Adana Science and Art Center Teacher
European Commission, European Schoolnet eSafety Turkey Moderator

Miruna Catalin & Inci Ila

The first time when I saw the foreigners, I immediately felt overwhelmed by the thought of me having to speak another language with strangers. However soon after we’ve met each other I realised that they are very friendly and understanding persons and I began to feel comfortable around them.
What I find surprising was their desire to learn more and more about our culture, which I think it’s wonderful. Of course, I also enjoyed listening to their stories. After all this was the objective of this project: to meet people from other countries with different traditions and habits. In my opinion is essential to encourage the interculturalism, in order to respect others and to understand that is a good thing that we’re not all the same.
With time I discovered that we have a lot of things in common, although we come from different places. While I was talking and explaining things about my country to them, I also came to the conclusion that despite of what some people say, I have strong reasons to be proud of my homeland, because every nation has his own aspects that makes it special and unique.
During the project I made a lot of friends and we still keep in touch with the help of technology that makes sure that people from all around the word stay connected. We share our passions, memories, in one word all that defines who we are.
Eventually, I’m glad that I got the chance to interact with such incredible people and I hope that in the future there will be opportunities like this.

Miruna Catalin
Dante Alighieri High School (Romania)
Inci Ila
Adana Bilim ve Sanat Merkezi (Türkiye)